PhD Candidate
School of Humanities
Sydney Environment Institute
University of Sydney 

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01. A Bird, a Flock, a Song, and a Forest (Forthcoming)  
︎︎︎ Authored by Thom van Dooren, Zoë Sadokierski, Myles Oakey, Sam Widin, Timo Rissanen, and Ross Crates.


︎︎︎ Animal Trails (Forthcoming)

Myles Oakey (he/him) is a settler living and working on the unceded land of the Dharug and  Gundungurra people. He is a PhD candidate and sessional academic in Gender and Cultural Studies and Research Assistance for the Biocultural Diversities team at the Sydney Environment Institute (SEI). His research is situated in the broad field of the environmental humanities, but emerges at the intersection of environmental anthropology, science and technology studies, philosophical ethology, and extinction studies. His research thesis is focused on the conservation efforts for the regent honeyeater (Anthochaera phrygia), a critically endangered songbird endemic to the southeast of Australia

Environmental Humanities
Philosophical Ethology
Environmental Anthropology
Science and Technology Studies
Extinction Studies

Myles Oakey 
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